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6’ Autumn Eucalyptus Artificial Tree

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Embrace the power of the Eucalyptus with this Eucalyptus Artificial Tree. Inspired by the magnificent fall foliage, set the scene during the season at your next dinner party. Assembled from high-quality materials, soft-textured leaves have naturally occurring details and variegated patterns throughout. Sparse by design, the thin trunk adds drama; feel free to shape the branches to fit in your space. Standing 6' from a nursery planter, DIY, and house in a planter of your choice. Perfect for a corner, dinning table or living room.


Height: 6 In.

Width: 24 In.

Depth: 20 In.

Pot Size: H: 6 In. W: 7 In. D: 7 In.

75 x 75 x 7

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