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Brass Bell Snuffer

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UPC: 646964136043
Brand: HomArt


The brass snuffer stands as a small yet essential tool for extinguishing candles in an elegant and efficient manner. Crafted from polished brass, it exudes a timeless charm and a touch of vintage sophistication. The snuffer's elongated handle allows for a comfortable grip, while the bell-shaped extinguisher at the end ensures a gentle and precise snuffing of the flame. The brass material adds a warm and radiant glow, creating a striking contrast against the soft candlelight. With its classic design and practical functionality, the brass snuffer becomes both a functional tool and a decorative accent, making it a must-have accessory for candle enthusiasts seeking a refined and graceful way to end their candlelit moments.


  • Dimensions: 8" L by 1.25" W by 2.5" H
  • Material: Brass plated iron

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