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Marble Octagon Tray

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The marble octagon tray is a luxurious and timeless addition to any home decor. Crafted from high-quality marble, this tray exudes elegance and sophistication. Its octagon shape adds a touch of uniqueness and modernity to its design. The smooth and polished surface of the tray showcases the natural beauty of the marble, with intricate veining and rich variations in color. With its generous size and raised edges, this tray is not only visually stunning but also highly functional. It serves as a versatile platform for displaying cherished objects, serving drinks and snacks, or organizing personal belongings. Whether placed on a coffee table, countertop, or vanity, the marble octagon tray effortlessly elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space, making it a statement piece that commands attention.


  • Dimensions: 8" W by 8" L by 1" H
  • Material: Marble


Hand wash recommended

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